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Speak to the below the line experts who will manage your entire campaign. Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional marketing strategy that aims to achieve maximum exposure through unexpected means. It’s all about making a big impression with limited resources. Flash mobs fit perfectly within this definition, as they use surprise and creativity to captivate an audience.

“One of the primary goals of guerrilla street marketing is to generate buzz and engage the public. This can be measured through social media reactions, media coverage, and public.”

In today’s fast-paced digital world, traditional marketing techniques are often drowned out in the sea of information. Guerrilla marketing tactics has gained traction for its creativity, surprise element, and grassroots appeal. We specialise in low-cost strategies that leave a lasting impression on the target audience. Unlike traditional marketing methods, guerrilla marketing focuses on innovative, sometimes unexpected tactics that engage consumers in a more personal and memorable way. Love Grassroots Agency work closely with our clients to understand your target audience, and marketing goals. Based on this understanding, we develop unique campaigns that can create a significant impact with minimal expenditure.


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Guerrilla marketing agencies employ a variety of tactics to create buzz and attract attention. These may include branded vehicle hire  flash mobs, graffiti-style murals, interactive installations, Projections, or unexpected pop-up events. The key is to create a unique, engaging experience that resonates with the target audience.